Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Taming of the Shrew

I had to pry this painting out of my daughter's fingers to list it on ebay. She was in "The Taming of the Shrew" in a competition in her high school a couple of years ago. She was Kate. This painting shows a girl lost in thought because she is in the play. I am assuming that she is Kate also. The words from a 1966 copy of the play are collaged all around her to show how she is so absorbed by the play and her part that it is all she can think about. Her flowers are even collaged play words!!

I loved how she turned out. . . .

full length crop

side view full length

blog copy

basket and feet


grittyartsstudio said...

Hi there, I was just googling my own name and somehow found my way to your blog...What a pretty painting you have here =)
Creative blessings to you!

julie king said...

she has such a contemplative look on her face. definitely a serious-thinker. i like the detail that you got on the basket. another very nice piece!

anni said...

Thanks Jane and Julie!

The basket is actually woodburned. I got the idea for woodburning from Suzi Blu and Tascha. They both woodburn paintings.


Paulina Lombardo said...

Your works are very sweet and very beautiful. I liked much your girls. Her eyes are very expressive.

:), Pau.

mystele said...

i definitely have yet another favorite artist!