Wednesday, July 23, 2008

An angel!

This angel turned out, yay! The other one is still in my studio, looking at me with a sad expression because I deserted her. I will have to work on her and let you see the result, once I'm happy with it. I hope she doesn't turn into one of the ones I paint over!!

blog full length

face close up - angel

I really like the peacefulness of this one. I wondered if I should change the lettering to be more serious, like a cursive type. What do you think?


Blaiz said...

Love it! I don't think you need to change the lettering, it looks whimsical the way it is. Maybe put something heavier on the left side to balance out the visual heaviness of the right wing.

I found your blog through your comment on Shonna's blog, and I'll be visiting often!

Welshcake said...

I think you're lettering is perfectly right. It give your paintings your unique style, scripture should reflect love and creativity; I don't think it has to be all serious. xx

julie king said...

she has such a sweet angelic face and the scripture goes perfectly!

mystele said...

anni, where can i purchase this??? is this one of the prints you'll list on etsy??? i SURE hope so! (hint, hint!)

anni said...

All the prints I have are of artwork I did a while ago. This angel posted here sold on ebay already. The ones that are prints are a little simpler style, thanks for asking.

When I did my prints, I printed them up on a four color printing process and it cost quite a bit. I need to find the way that artists do it now, where you just print a few at a time.