Monday, July 14, 2008

Here is one of my favorites!!

This painting turned out so nice, my daughter (16) won't let me put it on ebay. It is hers.

She had a sad experience which was the inspiration for this piece. A friend from school's mother died in her sleep over the summer. It was shocking and sad. I didn't know this girl's mother. I guess she had been sick for quite a while, but, still, it was unexpected. My dd asked me to paint a picture for her friend to give her after the funeral. She chose this quote and it turned out very nice. I never scanned that painting, so it is not here in my blog, but I did another one, larger, with the same quote. This is the result. My dd loves it and so she claimed it.

blog size

blog size

Calms His Child Quote

Well, I just love her. She is wood burned into wood and watercolored and painted with acrylics. I also collaged the background with scrapbook paper. I used pencil for the quote. I beeswaxed it also. :) Very happy painting for a very sad time for my daughter and her friend.


Connie said...

This is a beautiful piece. More eloquent and beautiful when you know the story behind it.

Thank you for sharing.

Peace & Love.

Sandy..... said...

This is beautiful and I'm sure the friend thinks so, too!
So thoughtful of you...

Carol B. said...

Annette, such a thoughtful gift. And thank you for the thoughtful B-Day wishes.
God Bless.
Carol B.

anni said...

Thanks for all your comments! I really loved making this painting.


mistie said...

I adore this piece. So soft and pretty how the colors and words come together. And the story behind it is just beautiful.

CraBBy GaBBy said... your painting..and all of your work. I wanted to write and you and say thank you very much for the blog award..I will be posting it soon. :)
gonna add you to my link list too..wishing you a wonderful day..

CraBBy GaBBy said...

Oh mY..your daughers painting is wonderful!!

bLu eYd YoGi said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! sooooo nice! thanks for the prayers about my brother~

Connie said...

Hey Anni! Can you email me at wanted to ask you something in an email and can't find your email anywhere on your blog. Please email me your email, and I will love you forever for it!!!

Peace & Love.

Paul Sears Photography said...

really cool - this is my first time here, but I want to say that I really enjoy your artistic style. Your work is presented really well too. I'll be back, and I know I'll point the Mrs. here as well.

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Your pieces are SO wonderful! I'm in LOVE with the playfulness of each one. The storytelling is quite original and I can't imagine a better way to LIVE than with these lil characters roaming around in your imagination.

xo, Monica :)

anni said...

Thank you Paul and Monica!

I appreciate your comments!

Paul, your site looks cool and Monica, I love your dolls!


Welshcake said...

Hi there, I noticed your comment on Tascha's blog, and saw your icon, so I dropped by to be nosey and to say hello.
I love your art :) It's really beautiful and inspiring, and this particular painting is probably my fave so far.

julie king said...

oh i love it . .. the soft colors, the quote, her lovely features, all of it!

Carol B. said...

Annette, I wanted to thank you again for nominating me for the Brilliant Blog Award. I finally learned how to post the links! Yipeee! I am getting better!
Thank you for your encouragement!
Carol B.