Monday, September 7, 2009

Soo, I am back to work

After the whole hospital stay and recovery (which is still in effect I guess) I am going back to work tomorrow.

A couple days before my accident, my husband and I arranged all my art stuff in one room downstairs with two lovely windows to let in great light and it is so roomy and everything is organized. Since my accident I have probably spent 3 hours in my studio. I cry when I go down there because I am grateful for one more day to paint, one more day to love my kids, one more day to cuddle with my hubby, one more day to see the beautiful sunshine streaming in my window, one more day to pet my dog, Ben. Here he is. He doesn't look like the type of dog to pull you down the deck stairs, does he?

Things are going well, but I'm getting frustrated at all the hobbling around in crutches I have to do.