Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Helena tagged me

So, Helena tagged me and I've never done this before, but it looks like I have to list 6 things you normally wouldn't know about me.

So, here goes:

1 - I love watermelon

2 - I love to feel the air, wind, and breezes that float by to touch my face!

3 - I have an 88 year old grandmother who taught me how to make gnocchi (yum!)

4 - My son plays with my ear all the time - he has an ear fetish!

5 - I am a grandmother to one little baby and a step grandmother to another little baby and to two wonderful little ones.

6 - I wore casts on my legs when I was a baby, I believe it gave me ADD! But I completed a crawling program from the book Stopping ADHD and now I am more organized, remember things better, etc. But I still have a problem keeping my room organized!

I will list the blogs I tag in my next post because I must go tuck my son in bed! He is 11 and still loves me to tuck him in. I hope it lasts until he is 22! (Well, maybe not that long, but he is my baby!!!)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Teaching School

Well, this year has been bliss for me so far. I went from grading an eternity of papers to painting and drawing with kids! I went from teaching a class students really do not like - rarely do they like English - to teaching a class they choose to take and really want to learn! Why is it that people love to learn art? I don't see many English grammar classes offered online, but I see tons of art classes offered online. People want to resuscitate the right side of their brains to keep them from atrophy!

I have had a great time so far in art classes. I hope that my students feel the same way!