Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Helena tagged me

So, Helena tagged me and I've never done this before, but it looks like I have to list 6 things you normally wouldn't know about me.

So, here goes:

1 - I love watermelon

2 - I love to feel the air, wind, and breezes that float by to touch my face!

3 - I have an 88 year old grandmother who taught me how to make gnocchi (yum!)

4 - My son plays with my ear all the time - he has an ear fetish!

5 - I am a grandmother to one little baby and a step grandmother to another little baby and to two wonderful little ones.

6 - I wore casts on my legs when I was a baby, I believe it gave me ADD! But I completed a crawling program from the book Stopping ADHD and now I am more organized, remember things better, etc. But I still have a problem keeping my room organized!

I will list the blogs I tag in my next post because I must go tuck my son in bed! He is 11 and still loves me to tuck him in. I hope it lasts until he is 22! (Well, maybe not that long, but he is my baby!!!)


Sandy..... said...

Mine will be 11 on Friday and he, too, still has to have me tuck him in every single night. Sometimes he asks that I lay with him and just watch TV for about 10 min. My hubby thinks it's weird at 11.
I think it's woderful.
I, too, am enjoying it while it lasts.

julie king said...

so nice to know a bit more about you. fun! i hopw your son stays lcose to you for a long,long time. they grow up so fast!!!

Sandy..... said...

I've been tagged for the very first time, and I was double tagged at that! (see my blog for details). I'm so sorry to do this to you, I had decided to tag you before I had read your blog and saw that your last post was because of a tag! But....

Tag! You're it! (again...)

purplecat said...

Hi there, I visited your blog through Sandys'. I have enjoyed your blog, loved the video, are you on the suziblu workshop? I thought I saw you there?

anni said...

Yes, I'm on Suziblu workshop. I have had a blast there. I love working on wood and improving my faces. It has been a great class! See you over there!