Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday - lazy day

Well, today was a very relaxing day. This week was crazy because my son and his wife had their baby last Sunday. I've been to their little college town twice since then to see the baby. She is gorgeous!! I'm a grandma!!

I'm going to be posting some new work soon and on ebay too!!

Yeah for summer!


Carol B. said...

A Grandma! I envy you. I'm waiting for that day. Congratulations!
Thanks so much for posting on my blog. As you might have seen, I am new at this also. I will be starting to put up more paintings. I am going to look into Ebay. As for now, I want to start an Etsy Store, but I need to get prints of my paintings first.
As for teaching, I loved the kids and I loved education, but I wanted to quit because art was always my first love and I didn't want to come to the end of my life never having tried to give it my all to live as an artist. I saved some money to live on, but I am definitely on the clock to try making it financially. So I definitely need to get my behind moving. Anyway, can't wait to see more of your work!

anni said...


I have the same feeling. Actually I was making a living as an artist a few years ago. I would mount my art on plaques and started with boutiques. I branched out into the mom and pop gift stores after I got a rep to take my line to the big gift shows. It was fun, but after my divorce I needed to get a job with benefits. So I started teaching.

I have an Etsy account, but I only have been browsing around so far. I haven't begun to sell anything yet.

Let me know if you get your Etsy store going. I'd like to put you in my favorites.