Sunday, July 13, 2008

Painting on ebay right now

Here is a painting I have on ebay right now. I forgot to put in on my blog!!


This one's a little blurry!



Ro Bruhn said...

This is fabulous, I've just done a quick tour of some of your work it's beautiful.

Carol B. said...

Annette, your work just keeps getting more gorgeous! As good as you are, pleeease try not to stop once you get back to school. You really deserve to be doing this for a living.
By the way, I just saw how you nominated me for the blog award. How sweet you are! I want to thank you on my blog, but I am not sure how to post the award on my site, as well as list the other links. Do I just go to the award site and they show me how? Maybe you could tell me how by writing to my email address which I just listed. It's Thanks!

happygirl? said...

I love the colours. They remind me of Harry Potter. :)