Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Fun from last night!

I was trying to paint an angel which didn't turn out how I wanted it, so I stopped and started a watercolor. It's funny how this one turned out and I am still laboring over the angel.

blog ok

I read so many blogs in which people post such important things. I feel like I am lucky to get my artwork posted. Oh, well. I am off to a new day and I feel good that I have some art to share.



Connie said...

Your paintings are darling! I like the string of hearts, stars, & moons she is holding. So sweet. Plus, you have a beautiful way of adding text to your pieces that goes real nicely with the entire image. I struggle with that. Really struggle. Also, nice choice of what you said. Like it! Great work!

Peace & Love.

anni said...

Thanks Connie!
You have really inspired me to try to be creative each day, so I appreciate your comments.
The other day I went for a bike ride with my 11 year old. We found the most beautiful wetland area near our neighborhood I didn't even know was there! I am such a homebody! I felt like exploring because of your blog.
thanks so much!

Sandy..... said...

I love both of them. I agree tho, the angel is expecially adorable!

I, too, have often thought how so many blogs have such beautiful insight to life, and such "important things" to write about....that mine appear to be ramblings... of nothing. Unfortnaltely, I can't even jusitfy that with the beautiful art you are posting. It seems 4 kids, 2 grandkids and dog doesn't understand the need for "art time".

On the otherside, I am blessed in many many ways. I remind myself everyday - what I have in God - is greater than what I don't have, in life.

julie king said...

your text is wonderful the way it flows around the art and creates a design all its own. plus the message is very touching.