Friday, July 11, 2008

Halloween so soon? Yes!

This is a piece I just finished. I love Halloween. I have a split personality it seems, I love painting to scriptural quotes and being all serious and stuff, then comes Halloween! I guess I just don't take the spookiness too seriously.

350 pix - spooky

Yeah! I finally figured out how to make these picture fit this column width!!!


mistie said...

We seem to be kindred spirits in many ways. I live for Halloween. We start decorating in September. We have a huge Halloween party every year, the Friday before Halloween night.

Your painting is wonderful. I love the quote on it. And the little witches hair :) Delightful.

Carol B. said...

So cute! Yeah, I was wondering, too, if I like scriptural things, should I do Halloween stuff when it comes? But I'm sure I will. I could make it fun and cute.
By the way, I was going to ask you an art question; what kind of varnish do you use on your work? Some of the work I do is acrylic, and some is mixed media of acrylic and paper. I know you do that also, so, do you varnish your work? If so, what kind have you found is good for both the paint and paper?
Thanks, and congratulations on another great painting!

anni said...

Thanks Mistie and Carol!

I usually use beeswax and Modpodge. But I bought some varnish to try. I haven't used it yet. I can't remember offhand what brand it is.

I love Modpodge. I am getting used to beeswax. I found that if I use watercolor paper, I can't use the beeswax to seal it or it soaks into the paper and changes the color. I have had faces that I painted and beeswaxed and ruined the whole face! They turn blotchy. I am going to try to seal the watercolor face first with Modpodge and then beeswax over the whole thing. That is the next adventure.

mystele said...

anni, thank you so much for the help! going to look it up. take care!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

Playing dress up should happen EVERY single day. Way to explore Halloween in July. YOU INSPIRE ME! Yup you do. :)