Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What cool art techniques! TEXTURE!

Here is a cool art video I found on youtube. Maybe you have seen it already! And I love his accent!

His art web page is www.garyreef.com

Here is one in which he tries out a marble effect. It is so cool.

I want to try this marbling with my art classes this coming year! It looks so cool!

And here is one about a dream he had. It was really interesting to see his art and how he is affected by some of the same artists I love. I loved his dream! To summarize if you don't want to listen to the whole thing, he had a dream where an art critic came to his studio and wanted to buy a really simple green balloon with a face on it! He asked what we thought the dream meant. I love the whole idea that an art critic would want the simplest form of art expression in his studio. I think that on ebay I get lots of reaction sometimes from my simplest watercolors. Maybe this is telling me something too!

And wow! How fun is this!!? He invited friends over for an art scanner party! All the images he shows in the major part of the video are made from a scanner! It is so cool!


Welshcake said...

I've seen a few of this chap's videos on YouTube, and he's great. You're right, nice accent too ;)

Sandy..... said...

This video is great~! I'm going to have to hook my scanner now! I've never seen his videos before, thanks for sharing.

suze said...

This guy has taught me more things to do with spray paint! I love what he did with Mona!

Blaiz said...

I'd seen one of his videos on youtube, then forgot about him. Thanks for reminding me. I'm always looking for new ways to do backgrounds, since my backgrounds tend to be pretty plain when left to my own ideas.


They look like they are looking from another world into ours through a window. Its amazing in a very strange way lol