Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day hope!

This weekend was going to be filled with rushing about, going to a car show, staying at my sis-in-law's condo, but it is turning into a lazy, cleaning, organizing, painting weekend. I LOVE IT! I am resting from the first week of school - I teach art - and it has gone really well. I love teaching art. It is amazing what kids can do. I love getting back into teaching the little guys - last year I taught Junior High English and now I teach each grade level from 1st to 9th! It was an awesome week. I had the students in elementary write their own art quotes and illustrate them. They were awesome, from "Art is fun" to "Art is making a lot of mistakes" to "Art is art." Very profound.


julie king said...

your first week back at school sounds wonderful!! what a joy it is must be to work with young people and teaching ART of all things. wow!

Andy Guo said...

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