Monday, January 19, 2009

THINKING, thinking, thinking . . .

Well, my New Year's resolution to keep this blog up is not happening. I guess I need to make a January 19th, Martin Luther King resolution. I need to keep my blog up so much better than this!!!
I have lots of art to post, just can't seem to settle down to post it. I need to focus, and center, and breathe.

I am so full of ideas and struggles in teaching right now that when I get a day that is free, I just space out and relax and stress that all I am doing is relaxing. What good is relaxing and being lazy when you feel guilty about it?

I feel like I should be making art every day!!! Every day!! But I have a new puppy now and so I seem to have very little time.


julie king said...

the puppy is just too adorable for words! someone gave me some great advice recently: go easy on yourself and blog when you want to and not because you feel you HAVE to. it has made blogging more fun for me.

take care and enjoy your weekend!

anni said...

Thanks Julie,
I appreciate your comment. It really should be that way. I love your blue face! And I also love the painting of flying with the flowers on your Etsy.